Erchonia Laser Therapy In Foothill Ranch CA

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Dr. Turek's Wellness Center is proud to be the most advanced Clinic in the South Orange County area.

We are using the new line of FDA Cleared lasers from Erchonia Corporation. We are using all of their available models, EVRL, GVL, FX 405, and the Zerona Z6 to address most conditions that plague us today. All of our lasers are non thermal and are all FDA Cleared to use on any body part including the brain! These lasers have undergone double blind, placebo controlled, randomized, parallel-group multi center clinical trials to treat most inflammatory and painful conditions with no side effects. The trial participants showed a 58% reduction in pain which stood the test of time for up to 6 months. These recent trials and FDA Clearances is ground breaking for the pain management community and the war on the opioid epidemic.

For patients and Doctors looking for an opioid-free alternative to acute and chronic pain in Foothill Ranch CA need to look no further. Laser Therapy has passed through scientific studies and research to be a breakthrough in the medical community with incredible results, with no side effects and no potential for addiction.

What can Foothill Ranch CA laser therapy help?

Most conditions and diseases involve Pain and Inflammation so we can treat a wide variety of conditions besides the typical back pain scenario. So, whether you need pre or post op laser for your upcoming surgery, bone issues, concussion symptoms, shoulder, knee, foot problems, athletic performance enhancement or just plain recalibration and a tune up of your nervous system which runs your body "We Have The Laser For You!

Call now for your Free 1 visit Challenge to see if we can reduce your pain, inflammation and increase your range of motion after one 10 minute session! Call Now at (949) 837-8009 today and say goodbye to Pain!

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